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ASB Developers are into Farm lands, Residential layouts, Apartments Developments with a legacy of 9+ years with strong customer base in and around kakinada & Rajahmundry. ASB Developers team has a strong in excellence foothold at various well renowned places like as Kakinada, Pithapuram, Annavaram, Rajahmundry, Samalkota, Vizag and many more places in Telengana also.We Provide complete reliable solution for your valuable investment.And we are excellence in providing assistance through out the process.

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Invest and Own Your Perfect & Suitable Plot
in and around Kakinada / Rajahmundry for your better future.

ASB Developers dealing more than 5 Farm lands around Annavaram and Rajahmundry cities.

Advantages of Farm lands :

  • An Farm land plot can guarantee long-term returns.
  • Some infrastructure project will be build in the future.
  • Investing in agricultural land, not only saves you from spending all that money but also leaves you with an option to use the land for varying purposes in future, within the boundaries of the law.

ASB Developers dealing more than 8 Residential Projects in and around kakinada and Rajahmundry cities.

Advantages of Residential Plot :

  • Even though investment options exist,land investment is often prioritised due to high Returns on Investment (ROI).
  • Avoidance of Damage.
  • It is also easy for owners of uninhabited lands to manage their properties much better.
  • Plot owners need not worry too much about trespassers damaging their property.

ASB Developers dealing all around kakinada and Rajahmundry cities based on the requirement.

Advantages of Individual House :

  • The foremost advantage of independent houses is that they are exceptionally extensive, not like apartments with less space.
  • You can not change or expand if you don’t have your own independent house. On account of flats, one can’t fabricate another apartment over their flat.
  • Another advantage of independent houses is that there is no obstruction of neighbors.

ASB Developers dealing more than 10 Apartments in and around kakinada and Rajahmundry cities.

Advantages of Apartments :

  • There’s no doubt that apartments can pack plenty of punch when it comes to affordability.
  • Apartment living can cut maintenance costs to near-zero. Maintenance of the building, gardens and amenities is typically covered and taken care of by either the landlord or the body corporate.
  • Our home is a place where we should feel – and be – safe, and apartment living can really shine on the security front.


ASB Developers values teamwork and interdisciplinary collaboration as a path to insight and excellence in our work. Our company’s team of committed professionals embrace the following core values:





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